Student Services

Besides academic and sports programs, RRHS has many other services to offer our students.


RRHS has several resource teachers who have expertise in a range of the core subjects of math, ELA, French, science, and social studies. They work in the resource room during class time with students experiencing difficulties, and they also help students with their test and exams. A major task of the team of resource teachers is to write the majority of the IEP’s (Individual Education Plans) for RRHS students. The team is also in charge of setting up special accommodations for students such as more time, Read & Write, or quiet area during May/June final exams. They are responsible for requesting specialized equipment and tools for students’ needs, for helping teachers with IEP’s, and overall, supporting both the student population and the teachers at RRHS.


works at RRHS 2 days per week and provides information and counselling to students, parents and staff regarding career exploration and planning, and post-secondary programs (including financial assistance, applications, etc.). She also provides support to students about course selection, graduation requirements, adult education, attendance problems, and personal development. Click here for more information!


is our psychologist who assesses and intervenes with students with a variety of adjustment disorders. She offers services to individuals experiencing emotional, learning, social and behavioral difficulties. Ms. Rodrigue works with the students, school staff and external agencies.


is our school psychoeducator. She assesses, evaluates and intervenes with students with a variety of adjustment disorders, or who are at risk. She offers services to individuals experiencing emotional, cognitive, physical, social and behavioral difficulties. Ms. Foisy works with the students, school staff, parents and external agencies.


RRHS currently has two caseworkers from the CLSC.  They come to RRHS when needed to offer psychosocial services to students and their families who experience personal or family problems. They also make referrals to the appropriate service or make transfers to the CLSC of the student’s region.


is full time at RRHS working as coordinator of the ‘In-School Suspension Program (ISSP)’ and the ‘Student Support Program (SSP)’. Her work is in the area of prevention and education in order to encourage social integration and personal growth. She often acts as an intermediary for the student in difficulty and facilitates access to available services and resources.


Ms. Helene Ferland is a CSSS employee. She does individual consultations with students concerning contraception, morning-after pill, pregnancy test, STDs testing, and will insure proper follow-up on youths with particular health problems (allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.) or contagious diseases. The school nurse also organizes immunizations (vaccination clinics) as per the Ministry’s calendar.


Ms. Adele Grenon-Lemaître is the spiritual life animator at RRHS presently one day a week (Thursdays).   Ms. Grenon-Lemaître’s mandate at our school is to develop and implement programs and activities of a humanitarian, community and spiritual nature to help students’ nourish their personal development skills. Click here for more information!


is the school’s re-adaptation office. Her services are offered at RRHS two days per week. Working in collaboration with external agents and school staff, she organizes various drug awareness programs. She also offers classroom presentations and individual counselling to students experiencing drug and alcohol-related difficulties. Click here for more information!


Ms. Peggy Badger is our special education technician coordinating the Anchor room. It is a safe place where designated students with ongoing difficulties can go to receive support. Students need an Anchor room intervention plan to receive the services. The goal is to prevent issues and escalation of problems. The clientele that may be attached to the Anchor room could fit the following categories: anxious, socially challenged, struggling with motivation, needing self-regulation, needing a connection periodically with an adult and are emotional on a regular basis. The students have access to a room with trained personnel, who will guide them through problem-solving and calming techniques. Some of the services offered include anxiety support, organization support, self-regulation/downtime/class support, alternative schedules, check-ins, and a safe quiet area.