Career Websites

Career Cruising is an excellent website that is available for use by all RRHS students. It provides an interest survey to help you define your career interests. It provides information about over 1,000 careers, Canadian post-secondary schools and their programs. (Links are also provided to American schools). Please see the Guidance Counsellor for the username and password for RRHS.)

Canlearn is a government website that provides a range of information about careers, and has information about interest surveys, financing your education, resumes, careers, and more!

Topportunity is a website for youth designed by the Townshipper’s Association. It’s purpose is to provide information about employment, careers, education, financial aid, entrepreneurship, and yourth resources that make living in the Eastern Townships possible for English-speaking people of all ages. Discover the Top 40 Job Prospects in the Townships, what you need to do to get these jobs, and where to go for help.